SEO Google

We can help your business achieve higher rankings in your local search results and reach local customers and clients.

Almost 80 percent of people reading this now are on their phone. Are you? You are, aren’t you?! Smartphone owners use their mobile phones for local search queries when they are on the go and looking to buy in advance, as opposed to offline (indicative that people have shifted towards doing more shopping online). Increasingly these days people will do research about what’s available within a 2-mile radius before even getting into their car!

Is SEO particularly important to your business? And is your business there when people come looking for your service or product locally?

  • Where is the nearest petrol station?
  • What time does the bakery open?
  • Where’s my nearest Pitch and Putt Course?
  • Is the chipper open on Sunday?

Search engine optimisation will continue to gain in importance in the near future. In particular, searches with a local reference have increased enormously over the past two years and you can be found by Google if your website has been properly optimized for this type of query! To achieve top rank on these types of queries we’ll develop an individual strategy just for your business. We can implement this strategy alongside you or your team.

We know that local search engine optimization is not only important for short-term traffic. Rather, our goal at DASS Marketing is to build your company’s reputation and make sure you are seen so more customers will come through those doors! You’ll see this change based on simple numbers (e.g., increased clients & customers), which then translate into increased rev